Joint and muscle pain led to more than 132 million physician visits by Americans .*

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The facts about knee and hip pain:

  • 1 in 4 Americans experience chronic knee and hip pain in their lives. **
  • 440 lost work daysAnnually in the United States. Employed workers are missing work because of bone, joint, and muscle pain.***
  • 258,000 patients ages 65 and older are admitted to the hospital for hip fractures.****

You can improve the quality of your life. Assessing the pain in your hip or knee with an orthopaedist is the first step.

North Shore-LIJ’s Orthopaedic Institute offers a range of treatment options. Call (516) 465-8663 to make an appointment with one of our hip and knee specialists in Long Island, Queens, Manhattan or Staten Island.

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TAKE OUR FREE HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT Risk calculated for those ages 20 to 89.
*National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey 1998-2006; National Center for Health Statistics
**American Academy of Pain Medicine
***National Center for Health Statistics
****Centers for Disease Control and Prevention